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Heart Worm Test, Lyme, Ehrlichia test -AT HOME TEST. SAVE $100 per   A Licenced Vet Laboratory

00003_Fecal_Worms.pngTEST@HOME for Worms in dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, reptiles, turtles, and all pets

00006_Feline_Leuk.pngFeline Leukemia in cats.   Easy to do. Collect a saliva sample. Mail first class. Veterinarians run test.

Pet Health Checkup-Test for  the most common dog and cat issues, urination problems, dog training and litter box training problems.

Test for Worms in horses,pigs,sheep, goats,chickens,cattle,alpaca,camels,lhama, and all other livestock
Veterinarians perform test in licensed Vet Lab

Additional Products

Shur-Lock Collar. Elizabethian collar-use after surgery to prevent damage. Keeps birds from chewing feathers. Highest Vet quality-used by veterinarians. 

Combination Cat Carrier and Cat Treatment Bag-makes treating cat diseases for eye, ear, or oral drugs easy..
Cats love bags and just crawl inside.

Collect the sample and mail it to our licensed veterinary lab via normal USPO mail with 3-4 stamps -all else is pre-paid. Easy, accurate, inexpensive, and fast results. We call within 24 hours of receipt-then email.

10-20% OFF and FREE shipping.

Perfect Pet Products,LLC has been in the pet care business since 1980 when Dr. Steven Hadaway, a veterinarian, founded the business to fulfill the need for lower cost pet health care by providing an easy means of AT HOME testing of pets and horses for worms, and pets for heartworm, lyme, ehrlichia, feline leukemia,  giardia, and urinary tract infections. By solving pet urination problems, these tests also help solve carpet urine odor and carpet urine stain problems, as well as help with pet house training, cat urinating outside the litter, or behavioral issues. Pet owners can now save time and money by testing their dog, cat or other animals at home for common diseases that cause serious health risks. Many of these same diseases are zoonotic diseases in people, especially worms in children and lyme disease in adults or children. Test AT HOME. SAVE 10-20% and FREE SHIPPING. Test for worms in all pets, heartworm disease, lyme test, feline leukemia, and worms in horses (equine worm test). Our Pet health Checkup test at home kits help solve lawn damage from urine, urine disease, pet house training, cat urinating outside the litter, and behavioral issues. The LAWN + URINE DAMAGE kit is guaranteed to solve dogs damaging the grass by urination on the grass.

At home testing is commonly offered for testing in  people for a myriad of issues such as diabetes, blood testing, pregnancy, DNA (paternity), urinary tract disease, bladder problems, pH testing, drugs, blood typing, alcohol, etc. AT HOME testing in animals has the same accuracy as in the veterinary labs. Pet testing at home for diabetes in dogs or cats or doing urine tests
Perfect Pet Products is the only company doing AT HOME testing in pets.  We test for veterinarians(especially house call Vets who do not have a lab) and pet owners. Your lab samples are processed in the same way at the veterinary lab, using the same equipment as any human or veterinary hospital uses to produce the same accurate result. You can receive the "BEST CARE FOR LESS".  Perfect Pet Products is the original and the best At Home testing company. Order Now and tell your friends about us----we do no formal advertisement to keep all costs low.

Client Testimonial

I was using the Pet Health Checkup to check my cats' pH levels while changing to a new food. Instead, I discovered my male cat, Clyde, had a serious urinary tract infection. He had shown no symptoms at all. Thank you for your wonderful product and for saving Clyde from some serious health issues.

G. H.
Grandville, MI

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