Pet Health at Home Check Up

00004_Urine_Damage_1.pngThe Pet Health Checkup

is an easy, inexpensive, simple 3 step test that will insure your pet's health and solve urination problems in the home, from cats spraying, dogs marking, cats not using the litter pan, etc. This urine test helps pet owners to know if your pet has a health problem or a behavioral house training problem so you will know if you need to go to the veterinarian.


Developed by Dr. Steven Hadaway (a veterinarian for 35 + years) after 18 years of testing and use in veterinary hospitals, the PET HEALTH CHECKUP is the same urine test used in all Veterinary hospitals. We just made it easy for you to do and understand.

1 in 5 pets develop some health care problem each year. 20-40% has house training problems or pet behavioral problems sometime during their lifetime. An annual urine test is a great way to check the health of your pet.

A urinalysis is a great screening test to detect 12 of the most common diseases of pets (urinary tract problems; diabetes; bladder infections, bladder stones; bladder tumors; liver disease, etc). The test is inexpensive but reliable. Veterinarians use this AT HOME test for those dogs or cats that you can never collect enough or a sample to take to the Vet Hospital.

Help prevent older dogs from urinating in the home,  puppies urinating in the house, or older cats not urinating in the litter pan, and kittens from urinating in the home. An enclosed 24 page booklet helps train puppies or  train kittens, or retrain older pets. This urine test helps pet owners to know weither their pet has a health problem or a behavioral house training problem. We help you resolve pet behavioral problems, urination in the house or other housetraining problems, or pet training problems. We provide additional information to help eliminate urine stains or odors.

The simple 3 step test is easy to do:

1) Place the test strips in the urine
2) Circle the color on the enclosed chart
3) Compare colors on the chart to determine if the results are normal or abnormal.

If abnormal, the pet owners can try over-the-counter (OTC) treatments that are described, or go to a veterinarian. The PET HEALTH CHECKUP is a great early detection system which save time, money, and pet lives and insures successful treatment as well as reduced treatment cost.

Lastly, since the test determines pH and protein (urea) levels in the urine we help resolve urine burns to the lawn. We provide a myriad of helpful suggestions.