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AS LITTLE AS $21.95. Use the EQUINE WORM TEST @ HOME is a complete pre-paid test for worms in horses and livestock (cattle, sheep, pig, goat, chicken, camel, alpaca, etc.) to insure the health and peak performance of your horse or other farm animals. Save $100-300/year in feed costs. Just collect a tablespoon of stool and mail to our Veterinary Lab. The EQUINE WORM TEST @ HOME offers the ultimate in convenience! Test at home and save 25-50%.Your horse can have extremely high loads of worms for 12 months a year regardless of which wormer you use unless you test your horse to know for sure the wormer worked.

 50% of those who have followed our program have horses free of worms after 1 year and can avoid worming and avoid resistance to wormers. Perfect Pet Products is a veterinary run company that provides AT HOME TESTING kits for worms in horses and worms in all animals. Our testing kits are used by veterinarians and horse owners everywhere. They are NEW PRODUCTS but gaining recognition in hundreds of animal related e-commerce sites, catalogs, retailers, trainers, and stables. All veterinarians understand why testing for worms is so necessary vs just worming. Our AT HOME testing kits help all animals live longer lives with enhanced performance by diagnosing worms not just throwing a drug at the problem and hoping that the wormer worked. 60% of the horses that use our tests are negative within 1 year and no longer need to have routine dewormers. 17% of horses are resistant to your routine wormer so you are just wasting time and money, plus you are making things worse. The reasons you need these test kits are pretty obvious. THESE TESTS are AN INEXPENSIVE, ACCURATE, AND MORE CONVENIENT way to know 1) Are worms present 2) Which worms are in the gut 3) What OTC wormer to use (Quest, Ivermectin, Panacur, Strongid, Pyrantel, Zimectin, Safe-Guard) 4) Determine if you have a resistance problem (17% of horse have resistance) and finally 5) Did the wormer work. 6) In addition we provide an approximation of the number of worms, but the McMaster test is more accurate. We provide testing for McMasters, lungworms, and fecal occult blood from the same sample if you request them. The only way to answers these questions is to use our EQUINE WORM TEST. All equine specialists state that “You should perform a fecal test before and 2 weeks after you worm”. Avoid over treatment and resistance.

Why are you worming every 2-3 months? 1 out of every 3 horses does not have worms AND 17% are resistant. In these horses you are wasting your time and money by routinely worming PLUS you are making the resistance problem worse. All equine specialists state that “You should perform a fecal test 2 weeks before you worm to see if your horse/animal has worms and then 2 weeks later to be sure the wormer worked”.The advantages of Perfect Pet Products At HOME EQUINE WORM TEST are

ACCURATE- Perfect Pet Products veterinary staff performs the same accurate test as your veterinarian. More accurate than most Vets since we centrifuge/allow greater concentration of the worm eggs.

EASY-Just collect 1 tsp. of stool sample and mail to our Licensed Vet Lab via first class mail. Everything is included at this low price.

SAVE $300/YR in feed costs-Save 10-20% each year on feed costs once your horse is free of worms.

SAVE $30-60/YR. ON WORMERS-50% of those who have followed our program have horses free of worms after 1 year and can avoid worming and avoid resistance to wormers to have a healthier horse.

WRITTEN RESULTS are sent via email/fax with info to enhance your control program.

SAVE TIME-NO TRIPS TO THE VETERINARY CLINIC. Just mail first class mail from home.

RAPID RESULTS- we test then call you with results within 24 hours of receipt.

USED WORLD WIDE-we have repeat testing customers •from Australia, Singapore, China, Africa, Mexico, Canada, and many more counties with only positive comments and their thanks for providing these valuable kits.

What is and why do the McMasters Test? The modified McMasters technique which is a detailed qualitative and quantitative test that provides a specific count of worm eggs/gram of feces for only $15.00. You should request the McMaster the first time you test your horse. Every horse using your stable or sharing the pasture should be tested for worms using the McMasters. If your horse was positive (resistant) you should use the McMaster each and every time until the sample is negative TWO consecutive times. Subsequent to that, and if your horses sample continues to be negative, just request the EQUINE WORM fecal test.

What is a Baerman Test? This is a test to use if your horse has any respiratory disease or seems to be winded too easily. It is a test for lung worms. We use the fecal sample to detect the actual live (larvae) lung worms. We perform the Baerman Technique for lung worms for an additional $18 payment-just mark the form and include payments or your credit card information.

Fecal Occult Blood Test for Horse Owners--If your horse is a picky eater or doesn't maintain weight, ulcers and other GI issues may be the underlying cause. Digestive issues can affect your horse's attitude and behavior as well. If your horse is withdrawn in his stall, is "girthy", or rebels in training, these may be external signs of internal discomfort. Even the horse's performance ability can be affected. WE often accept these behaviors as limitations of the horse's natural ability or attitude.

* Research in Australia, New Zealand, etc. has proven that animals with worms consume 10-30% more feed. Our testing service could save you $30-$100/month in reduced feed costs.

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