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AS LITTLE AS $21.95 and FREE Shipping. SPECIAL Winter/Christmas WORMING PRICESPurchase as a gift for your friends or family members. SAVE 50-80% when you ask to test for Lungworm or Fecal Occult Blood. The  FECAL WORM TEST  is a complete pre-paid test that does more than your veterinarian or any other company. Same accurate results, at home, and save 25-50%. The test solves all these questions:1)Detect if worms present (30% are negative) 2) Which specific worms are present 3) An approximate egg count to help you know how many worms are present before you worm and after you worm 4) What OTC wormer is best to use (Quest, Ivermectin, Panacur, etc.) 5) Determine if you have a resistance problem (17% of horses have resistance)  and finally 6) Did the wormer work. The EQUINE WORM TEST is the only way to insure the health and peak performance of your horse or other farm animals. Save $100-300/year in feed costs once your horse is free of worms. 70% of those who use our testing program have horses free of worms within 1 year and can avoid worming and avoid the high level of resistance that constant worming produces. Just collect a tablespoon of stool and mail to our Licensed Veterinary Lab. The EQUINE WORM TESToffers the ultimate in accurate testing, convenience and low cost! Since 17-20% of horses are resistant to most wormers, your horse can have extremely high loads of worms for 12 months a year regardless of which wormer you use unless you test your horse to know for sure which worm you have and what wormer to use or worked.

 Save up to 30% on all orders ordered at one time by 12-31-2018:  You will receive and see the correct prices for the number you ordered at checkout.

 1-2 test kits at $29.99 

 3 test kits at 28.99 == SAVE $1 or 4 %

 6 kits kits at 24.99 ==SAVE $5 approx 16%%   

 12 kits kits at 21.95  == SAVE $8 or nearly 30%

 Purchase this test for as little as $ 21.95-SAVE Plus FREE SHIPPING. You saved 50% by using our at home testing services vs. a veterinarian AND NOW you can SAVE EVEN MORE. Your pet will thank you for protecting it’s health!!!

The Fecal Worm At Home Test offers The Ultimate in Convenience!

Test at home using the same Vet tests.  Save on the test and on the OTC wormer!

A stool test for worms that is an easy and accurate way to diagnose worms in pets so you will know which wormer is the right wormer.Accuracy is guaranteed since the pet worm test is done at our veterinary lab. We use a better concentrating fluid, allow 1-4 hours of flotation (most clinics use 10 minutes), or centrifuge our samples.We process the sample within 24 hours of receipt, then call or provide written results by fax, email, or mail that same day for speedy fecal test results

Use this worm test to KNOW if your pet:
        -Has worms
        -Which worms
        -How severe a worm infestation is present
        -Which wormer to use to deworm your pet (dog, cat, kitten, puppy, bird, reptile, rabbit, turtle, hamster, guinea pig, goat, chicken, duck, camels - that's right, we just tested a herd of camels from Mexico!!).
        -Break this common cause of canine disease. Protect your pets health-perform an initial checkup for worms, then perform an annual worm test to have a healthier and happier pet.

Finally, prevent parasitic diseases from worms in people. Worms in children and adults are commonly diagnosed. The CDC states that more that 10,000 (and up to 1 million) people get worms each year causing multiple severe and deadly zoonotic diseases.

Symptoms of disease in dogs or cats caused by worms in dogs or worms in cats are: diarrhea, stool problems, loose stool, weight loss.  All puppies, kittens, dogs, cats, rabbits, can get these parasites but it is most common in younger pets, especially from kennels with large numbers of pets housed together.



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