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Save up to 20% on all orders ordered at one time by 10-31-2018You will receive and see the correct prices for the number you ordered at checkout.

1-2 test kits at $44.99 == SAVE $5

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6 kits kits at 41.99 ==SAVE $8 approx 16%  

12 kits kits at 39.99 ==SAVE $10 approx 20%

Purchase this test for as little as $39.99-SAVE Plus FREE SHIPPING. You saved 50% by using our at home testing services vs. a veterinarian AND NOW you can SAVE EVEN MORE. Your pet will thank you for protecting it’s health!!!

FELINE LEUKEMIA test is an easy to do saliva test. You simple moisten a swab with saliva and mail that sample via normal first class mail. It is convenient and is as accurate as a blood test (+/- 1-2%). Less stress for you and your cat since there is no trip to the vet and no blood testing. Veterinarians and physicians have used saliva/tear testing for 30+ years. Our lab uses the same ELISA test used by all veterinarians. We provide huge savings of 50%. FeLV is extremely common and the most common cause of illness and death in cats. All cat owners know they should test and want to test but most do not because of the trip. We provide the convenience and savings needed to allow all cat owners a chance to test. Order the test now. Test all your inside and outside cats ASAP.

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