Welcome! Perfect Pet Products (PPP) is a licensed veterinary lab developed by Dr. Hadaway nearly 30 years ago to provide surgical collars and treatment bags for cats for use by veterinarians. Dr. Hadaway grew up on a farm trying to heal every sick or injured wild or domesticated animal that he saw. He always wanted to be a Vet, so attended the University of Illinois Vet College graduating in the top 5% of his class. As a veterinarian he strived to provide the best care possible FOR ALL animals, searching for ways to make pet care more affordable and available. He realized that many people don't use a veterinarian because of veterinary costs or time lost. 20 years ago (while working as a consultant to an immune diagnostics company) he developed a new way to test pets which saved money by avoiding the trip to the Vet clinic. PPP now provides 6 very affordable, easy to use, accurate, convenient and low costs test kits which test for the most common and lethal diseases of animals. They are used worldwide! Every animal needs at least one AT HOME test kits. We test for worms in nearly every animal, feline leukemia, lyme, urine problems, or heartworm. We know that you know how important these tests are for your pet’s health and want to help. We also need your help to continue to serve you. We do not advertise so we need your help to tell all your friends about us, especially businesses that you use to board, groom, stables, feed stores, pet stores, etc. Check all our products below! Dr. Steve Hadaway